Tribute to Josep Termes


85th anniversary of the birth of Josep Termes

Josep Termes i Ardévol was born on July 27, 1936, ​​in the Camp d'en Grassot, in the old town of Gràcia, Barcelona. He was the professor and historian who gave our Chair its name. He was one of most important renovators, from the Academia, of the historiography dedicated to the working class and the Catalanism. His studies on anarchism are still as valid as when he began to dedicate himself to them, in the 1970s. His defense of the existence of a popular Catalanism that made possible the preservation of Catalan identity was an amendment to the totality of the theories that attributed to the bourgeoisie the origins of political Catalanism. We attach two texts to commemorate the anniversary. One is a long interview conducted by Josep Maria Muñoz, published in L'Avenç in June 2011, a few months before his death, on 9 September, ten year ago. The other text is the autobiographical article «De oposiciones y otras menudencias», from 2005, written in Spanish and published in the magazine Cuadernos de Historia Contemporánea, no. 27. Editorial Afers has published some of his works. A chapter of the book Misèria contra pobresa can be downloaded free of charge from the website: «La guerra i la col·lectivització agrària a Catalunya».