1. 13/09/2021
    Antoon De Baets and Ruben Zeeman, chairs of the Network of Concerned Historians, sent a circular to 3599 historians and others interested in the past across the globe.
  2. 27/08/2021
    Short stay in London for studying nationalism
  3. 27/07/2021
    85th anniversary of the birth of Josep Termes
  4. 16/07/2021
    Editorial Afers, a publishing house that supporting our Chair, announces that in the autumn it will launch a new collection, "Biblioteca del pensamiento crític"
  5. 01/04/2021
    Exhibition and book on ocasion to the centenary of the murder of labor lawyer Francesc Layret
  6. 05/01/2021
    James Casey, 1944-2020, passed away on December 27th after a long illness. Born in Northern-Ireland, he lived in Norwich (England) for many years.
  7. 08/10/2020
    New book of Enzo Traverso into Catalan
  8. 22/09/2020
    Dr. Agustí Colomines, head of the Chair, publish two new academic articles
  9. Lobal Virus
    Covid-19 Call for Submission for "Nations and Nationalism"
  10. 29/04/2020
    Day of Digital Humanities 2020 will take place on April 29.
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