The National Front of Catalonia (FNC) and the Second World War


A conference on the National Front of Catalonia's (FNC) contribution to the Nazi resistance during the Second World War will be held on November 2 at the Ateneu Barcelonès.

The event has been organized by the Democratic Memorial, the Exile Memorial Museum (MUME) and the Montserrat Tarradellas i Macià Archive, which preserves the private collections of Jaume Cornudella i Olivé (1915–1983) and Josep Munté Rodríguez (1913–1996). Both were prominent leaders of the FNC. The FNC had been established in the winter of 1939–1940 in France as a patriotic front, and Catalan exiles were part of it. During the Second World War, from Perpignan, they collaborated with the information and espionage services of the allied countries (Great Britain, the United States, Poland) and with the French services linked to the forces allied to De Gaulle.

The meeting will be led by Jordi Font Agulló, director of the Democratic Memorial, and the following presentations will take place:

18.15-18.30 h. Nuria Gavarró (Director of the Montserrat Tarradellas i Macià Archive).

“Archives on the FNC deposited in the Montserrat Tarradellas i Macià Archive”.

18.30-19:00 h. Fermí Rubiralta (historian).

“The creation of the FNC and its trajectory during the Second World War".

19.00-19.30 h. Jaume Renyer (historian)

“James Cornudella. Patriotism and Resistance”.

19:30-20:00 h. Josep Calvet (Historian, Democratic Memorial).

“Manuel Valls de Gomis and the Maurice I Network”.


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