La rosa de foc

La rosa de foc
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The philosopher and businessman Friedrich Engels was the one who, in 1873, gave the nickname The Rose of Fire to the city of Barcelona because at that time the capital of Catalonia was a beautiful city (the rose) and the epicenter of the worker struggle (the revolutionary fire). We wanted to give this name to a new collection of short books, co-published by the Chair and the Editorial Afers because today the rose is the ideal for improving society from the knowledge and from the historical analysis of the revolutionary fire that it must transform humanity.

1. Josep-Lluís Carod-Rovira / Jordi Casassas i Ymbert:

Josep Termes i el catalanisme popular

Professor Josep Termes died on September 9, 2011. In 2021 was the tenth anniversary of his death. For this reason, the Chair of the University of Barcelona that bears his name organized, with the City of La Fatarella, a commemorative day. The event continued the tradition, started in 2012, of celebrating the Josep Termes Conference in the village where his maternal family came from and where he had a house and spent his summers. This booklet, which is the first in the new collection «La rosa de foc», co-edited by the Chair and Editorial Afers, brings together the texts of the lectures given by Mr. Josep-Lluís Carod-Rovira and Professor Jordi Casassas i Ymbert. The former ERC leader and essayist, Mr. Carod-Rovira, focuses on explaining the impact of popular Catalanism on the political theory of independence. Dr. Jordi Casassas, professor emeritus and president of the Catalan Summer University, provides the historiographical view on the meaning of Termes's formulation of the popular origins of Catalanism. Based on historical analysis, Casassas answer those who, from a political perspective, reproduced the old interpretive schemes of Stalinism on the bourgeois origins of all nationalism.

Barcelona: Càtedra Josep Termes - Editorial Afers, 2022, 66 pp.


First book of the new collection «La Rosa de Foc»

The book Josep Termes i el catalanisme popular starts the collection «La Rosa de Foc». It can be downloaded free of charge from the web page of the Chair, on the web page of the Editorial Afers or from the repository of the University of Barcelona.