Josep Termes Chair focuses its tasks on the implementation of six programs. These programs and their topics are the following:


Leadership Area

Social and Political Marketing Program

  • Basics on social and political marketing and communication basics
  • New communicational ways: globalization, network society, ICT and cyber democracy
  • Communicational strategies (institutional and non-formal ones): critical analysis and implementation (planning, development and implementation)
  • Advice on the campaigns of political parties, NGO, etc.
  • Historical and comparative analysis of various political and social marketing cases
  • Corporate culture from a social responsibility perspective
  • Leadership on social and political movements
  • Communicational sociology: public opinion, lobbies and electoral processes
  • Mass media: the published opinion

Political and Social Leadership Program

  • New social and political leadership ways
  • Leadership and commitment
  • Leadership and the new ways of political and social participation
  • Leadership and values
  • Governability and leadership
  • Characteristics of a good leadership


Citizenship Area

Public Diplomacy Program

  • New ways of international relations
  • Civil society participation in international institutions
  • Citizenship, volunteerism and public diplomacy
  • Globalization and new ways of international relations
  • Public diplomacy and communication
  • New diplomacy and the participation of civil society in the new world order
  • Democracy, governance and institutions
  • Democracy and civil society
  • Democracy, governance and development politics
  • Democracy, security and conflict resolution

Citizenship and Values Program

  • New values for 21th Century
  • Citizenship and Values
  • Business and values
  • Women and values
  • Education in values
  • Education for citizenship
  • Citizenship, values and volunteerism
  • Values and identity
  • Diversity as a value


Identities Area

National and Identity Studies Program

  • Theories about nation and nationalism
  • Nationalism, cosmopolitism and populism
  • Identities diversity: ethnic, national, linguistic, gender, etc.
  • Migrations: historical approach and politic answers to migrations (citizenship rights, xenophobia, populism)
  • Cultural public policies in a globalization framework
  • Linguistic diversity and cultural public policies
  • Limits and potentialities of cultural public policies based on case study

Social Movements and Conflict Resolution Program

  • Democracy and multilevel governance: public sector, private sector and NGO
  • Social movements: history, evolution and future challenges
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Scopes of violence: gender, environment, media, government, identity, etc.
  • Critical considerations about conflict, prevention and peace
  • Case study of conflicts, micro and macro
  • New political leaderships within social movements: historical evolution and challenges for the future