Privacy policy

Personal data protection

The treatment of any personal data provided by users of the website is subject to the provisions of the regulations on personal data protection. However, the Chair website is not a publicly accessible source as stipulated by the regulations.
a) Form data
1. The Chair website contains various forms that collect personal data. All of these forms have information clauses in adherence to the regulations on data protection.
2. When it is mandatory under the regulations on data protection, consent to use or transfer personal data will be requested from the individuals concerned. To this end, users should read and take into account each information clause.
3. In all cases, the Chair’s use of personal data will be limited to what is adequate and relevant to meet the specified, explicit and lawful purposes for which the data have been obtained. The security of users’ personal data is guaranteed by the application of technical and organizational security measures.
4. As stipulated by the regulations on data protection, minors are allowed to give their personal data only if they are 14 years of age or older. Minors who are under 14 years of age must obtain the consent of their parents or legal guardians. The Chair assumes no responsibility for the personal data given by minors under 14 years of age who have not received consent from their parents or legal guardians.
b) Connection data
Connection data are implicitly generated in the use of internet communication protocols. The data generated by browsing the Chair website will be used strictly for technical purposes and by staff who are bound by a duty of secrecy.
c) Cookies
Cookies are small text files that were initially created to facilitate web browsing and have subsequently been applied in other areas as well. The Chair uses cookies only to enable visitors to browse the UB website more smoothly and in a more personalized manner.