Summer Course - Els juliols de la UB: "Crisis of legitimacy of the European Union"

Date: July 7-11, 2014

Course objectives: To analyze the democratic challenges facing the European Union, at a time when its role is being questioned due to the rise of populism and Euroscepticism. Define the scope of this crisis of democratic legitimacy and the strategies needed to deal with it

Organizers: The Josep Termes Chair, the European Commission and the Generalitat de Catalunya


Dr. Agustí Colomines, professor at the Universitat de Barcelona and academic director of the Josep Termes Chair
Dr. Edgar Grande, Professor of Political Science at the University of Munich
Dr. Mariano Torcal, Professor of Political Science at Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Mrs. Esther Gabarró, Sexy Europe
Mr. Ferran Tarradellas, responsible for the representation of the European Commission in Barcelona and the Balearic Islands
Mr. Joan Francesc Cánovas, journalist and consultant in corporate and crisis communication
Mr. Doru Frantescu, policy director of VoteWatch.eu
Dr. Adriano Amorosi, Eurocivis
Mr. Pedro Feria, coordinator of the Asociación de Emisoras Municipales y Ciudadanas de Andalucía RTV
Mr. Javier Reyes, director of consulting firm Progresti@
Dra. Ana Mar Fernández, Professor of Political Science at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and researcher at the OIE of Sciences Po Paris
Dr. Marc Guerrero, Vice President of the ALDE Party
Dr. Ferran Sáez, professor of philosophy at the Universitat Ramon Llull
Mr. Marc Sanjaume, Professor of Political Science at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Mr. Pere Puig, delegate of the Generalitat to the EU
Mr. Carles Gasòliba, President of CIDOB
Mr. Ramon Tremosa, MEP
Mr. Ernest Urtasun, MEP
Mr. Ernest Maragall, MEP
Mr. Fernando Guirao, Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration History