The Battle of the Ebro was commemorated in La Fatarella.

© Ariadna Escoda / ACN

La Fatarella, a small town in Terra Alta, whose City Council is one of the sponsors of the Chair, has recovered the commemoration of the Battle of the Ebro that had not been held since 2017.

On Sunday, July 2, half a hundred people participated in a historical recreation of the entry of republican troops in July 1938 in the municipality of Fatarella. They have assumed the roles of republican, national, and civilian soldiers, and have replicated the retreat of the Francoist army, which was stationed in this town in Terra Alta for a duration of three months. The event is part of a celebration of the 85th anniversary of the Battle of the Ebro. During the commemoration, the president of the Lo Riu Association, Àlex Sambró, asserted the importance of historical remembrance to prevent the recurrence of the heinous acts of a conflict.On Saturday, Stolpersteine cobblestones were laid in honor of six neighbours who were deported to the Nazi extermination camps.
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