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Cover of first book

Editorial Afers, a publishing house that supporting our Chair, announces that in the autumn it will launch a new collection, "Biblioteca del pensamiento crític"

The Editorial Afers, directed by Vicente Olmos in Catarroja continues its tasks of dissemination of high culture in Catalan. If this year, among the Covid-19 pandemic, launched the «Narrative» collection , which already has three titles (Mal jueu, by Piotr Smolar; Espurna, by Xavier Serra and L'Agnese va a morir, by Renata Viganò), now announces that in the autumn they will start a new collection, directed by Gustau Muñoz. With the name of «Biblioteca del pensament crític», the first title to be announced is Dialèctica de l'irracionalisme. Contribució a la historització de 'La destrucció de la raó' de Lukács, by the Italian historian Enzo Traverso, to whom Editorial Afers has just published in another of its collections, «Recerca i pensament», a splendid book of ego-history: Passats singulars. El «jo» en l'escriptura de la història. Current 2021 has also been sad for the Afers family, because one of its authors, Josep Igual, whose diary L'incert alberg was published in 2016, died after a long illness. Editorial Afers, born in 1985 based from the magazine of the same name and which will reach 100 issues next year, is the most successful and consolidated independent initiative for publishing books and magazines in the field of historical studies, essay and author literature.