New book explores the history of the Mancomunitat


Enric Ucelay Da Cal, Josep Pich i Arnau González Vilalta, members of the GRENS at the UPF, editing a new collective book on Mancomunitat de Catalunya.

L'aparença d'un poder propi. La Mancomunitat de Catalunya i el catalanisme, is the new book published by Editorial Afers. Result of a seminar organized by the Research Group on States, Nations and Sovereignties (GRENS), the present monograph addresses a wide selection of topics that aim to update studies on the Mancomunitat: from its national Catalan involvement, in institutionalizing the first contemporary Catalan power, to the outward looks on this reality within the context of the World War I; from the role of nineteenth-century intellectuals to the Spanish opposition to a project whose subsequent stages had a greater impact; from the creation of a Catalan official to a sports policy. Through the vision of about a dozen authors, the book radiographs what the Commonwealth inherited.