About the Chair

Josep Termes Chair of Leadership, Citizenship and Identities (University of Barcelona) focuses its activity on training programs and research about three main axes: leadership, citizenship and identities. Its primary goal is to set up an academic framework in order to think about the challenge of governing a world which is global and local at the same time. It also aims to create training programs aimed to management staff, to public administration managers and to political, union and civic leaders. That’s why the Chair takes into account all the matters related to the concept of ‘governance’.

The initiative is pluralistic and cross-disciplinary. It aims to promote the political, civic and social development in Catalonia but it also has an internationalizing perspective. For this reason, the training will be in English and programs aimed to foreigner students will be promoted. It will also foster the international cooperation among researchers and teachers and the interdisciplinary analysis.

Nowadays is well known that these three axes –leadership, citizenship and identities– are essential for the world order. That’s why it is necessary that Catalonia has a training space that gathers these approaches in a joint way, a space that will contribute getting a better governance both in Catalonia and in the world. However, this task has to be done through the University because just the academic institutions can offer the required objectivity and exactitude.

Nevertheless, the Chair is not a closed space. For this reason it collaborates with institutions and people who want to approach to these subjects and to be excellence promoters on these fields. So, the Chair is implemented in the university scope but, simultaneously, prepares proposals for other organizations that ask for its services.