About the Chair

The Chair was born in 2012 and brings together researchers to promote  high quality research in history and in the areas of human and social sciences, and especially Digital Humanities. The Chair has a multidisciplinary orientation to promote research on the history of political and social leadership, the evolution of identities on social organization and public space. The Chair also proposes to help to find ways of transferring humanistic knowledge with digital methodologies in order to contribute to the creation of a real historiographical "blockchain". The Chair welcomes the Research Group in National Studies and Cultural Policies (GRENPoC), recognized by AGAUR. Therefore, the Chair aims to promote, project and disseminate research, teaching, transfer of technology and / or innovation carried out by its researchers in the field of history, economics, sociology, psychology , linguistics, geography and anthropology, regardless of the format that this transfer takes. In addition to research, the Chair provides scientific and technical advice in the field of its competence, organizes and imparts its own postgraduate courses, university extension, specialization and professional updating in the field of Its competence, in accordance with the procedures and regulations established by the University of Barcelona.