"Memory believes before knowing remembers". William Faulkner

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The Josep Termes Chair, created in 2012, and directed by Dr Agustí Colomines i Companys, is a thematic chair at the University of Barcelona, ​​attached to the Department of History and Archeology. The Chair boosts research, training of research personnel and the transfer of knowledge to promote dialogue between humanities and technology.

The Chair promotes research in history, identities and digital humanities to give professional exit to graduates in humanities fields (history, philosophy, philology, linguistics, history of art, archeology, political science, music, librarianship and documentation, sociology, and cultural studies) with the production of content for the current net society.

The Josep Termes Chair forms people to lead social, economic organizations; civic and politics based on humanist thought, as well as working and researching in the field of history, collective memories and the blockchain society.

The Josep Termes Chair includes the Research Group on National Studies and Cultural Policies (GRENPoC), formed by historians, sociologists and political scientists, and recognized by AGAUR, GRPRE 2017 SGR 1098. It aims, therefore, an interdisciplinary and global vocation.

The Chair is inspired by the historiographic thought of Professor Josep Termes i Ardèvol (1936-2011) on Catalanism, social and national movements and collective memory.

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"Inspiration comes from working every day." Charles Baudelaire


  1. 13/09/2021
    Antoon De Baets and Ruben Zeeman, chairs of the Network of Concerned Historians, sent a circular to 3599 historians and others interested in the past across the globe.
  2. 27/08/2021
    Short stay in London for studying nationalism
  3. 27/07/2021
    85th anniversary of the birth of Josep Termes
  4. 16/07/2021
    Editorial Afers, a publishing house that supporting our Chair, announces that in the autumn it will launch a new collection, "Biblioteca del pensamiento crític"
  5. 01/04/2021
    Exhibition and book on ocasion to the centenary of the murder of labor lawyer Francesc Layret
  6. 05/01/2021
    James Casey, 1944-2020, passed away on December 27th after a long illness. Born in Northern-Ireland, he lived in Norwich (England) for many years.
  7. 08/10/2020
    New book of Enzo Traverso into Catalan
  8. 22/09/2020
    Dr. Agustí Colomines, head of the Chair, publish two new academic articles
  9. Lobal Virus
    Covid-19 Call for Submission for "Nations and Nationalism"
  10. 29/04/2020
    Day of Digital Humanities 2020 will take place on April 29.