"Memory believes before knowing remembers". William Faulkner

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The Josep Termes Chair, created in 2012, and directed by Dr Agustí Colomines i Companys, is a thematic chair at the University of Barcelona, ​​attached to the Department of History and Archeology. The Chair boosts research, training of research personnel and the transfer of knowledge to promote dialogue between humanities and technology.

The Chair promotes research in history, identities and digital humanities to give professional exit to graduates in humanities fields (history, philosophy, philology, linguistics, history of art, archeology, political science, music, librarianship and documentation, sociology, and cultural studies) with the production of content for the current net society.

The Josep Termes Chair forms people to lead social, economic organizations; civic and politics based on humanist thought, as well as working and researching in the field of history, collective memories and the blockchain society.

The Josep Termes Chair includes the Research Group on National Studies and Cultural Policies (GRENPoC- University of Barcelona), the research subgroup within the Research Group on Politica Studies, Indentities, Institutions and Corrupcion (GREPIIC-Autonomous Universyty of Barcelona), approved by the AGAUR n. 2021 SGR 00053. The Chair, therefore, an interdisciplinary and global vocation.

The Chair is inspired by the historiographic thought of Professor Josep Termes i Ardèvol (1936-2011) on Catalanism, social and national movements and collective memory.

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"Inspiration comes from working every day." Charles Baudelaire


  1. 14/09/2023
    The Annual Report 2023 of the Network of Concerned Historians (NCH) is now available
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  2. 12/09/2023
    33rd Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN)
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  3. 27/08/2023
    Dr Geoffrey Walker (1936-2023) died on August 22 is his house in Cambridge.
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  4. 03/07/2023
    La Fatarella, a small town in Terra Alta, whose City Council is one of the sponsors of the Chair, has recovered the commemoration of the Battle of the Ebro that had not been held since 2017.
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  5. 21/03/2023
    Dra. Neus Moran, researcher of our Chair, has presented the study “Victims of francoist plunder in Caldes de Montbui, 1939-2023”.
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  6. 09/03/2023
    Lluís Ferran Toledano Gonzàlez (@cantonalista17) Durant el sexenni democràtic (1868-1874), el republicanisme federal català va esdevenir la principal força política i electoral. Va veure florir una …
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  7. 01/02/2023
    Dr. Pau Guinart has been studying and teaching abroad for more than a decade. He now teaches at ESADE and joins GRENPoC, the research subgroup within GREPIIC, hosted by the Chair.
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  8. 27/01/2023
    Fa cent anys, Francesc Cambó era un dels polítics més destacats de Catalunya i d’Espanya. Liderava la Minoria Catalana a les Corts espanyoles en nom de la Lliga Regionalista. El seu projecte de …
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  9. 22/01/2023
    Lluís Ferran Toledano González (@cantonalista17) El proppassat divendres, 13 de gener, va morir a Sant Cugat del Vallès, a noranta-cinc anys, qui va ser professor del departament d’Història Moderna …
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  10. 07/10/2022
    El proppassat 6 d’octubre, el nostre company Alberto Maestre va participar en el comitè de descolonitzacions de les Nacions Unides en defensa del dret d’autodeterminació del Sàhara Occidental. En el …
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